The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.

Peter F. Drucker (1905-2005)
writer, management consultant, and 'social ecologist'

Why is Tundun Communicatie & PR a good choice?

Are you in need of professional PR and communications support? Someone who listens and is your sparring partner, someone who offers effective communications and PR advise for your company or organisation? Well, you've come to the right address!

Tundun Communicatie & PR offers many years of broad PR and communications experience, acquired in global companies, non profit sectors and leading PR agencies.

We focus on an integrated communications approach using all the available and appropriate channels to distribute the message as effectively as possible and making sure it is clear and understood.

We provide communications and public relations services for both SMB and national and international companies, including:

  • interim and project management
  • internal communications, client and online communications
  • public relations (PR)
  • writing strategic and tactic PR & communications plans
  • co-ordinating change programs in your organisation
  • organising PR activities and events
  • writing or text editing, content management
  • creating and implementing various communications tools